Your entire security depends upon the types of locks you install for your homes, offices, industries, and many other places. Having a high-security system is essential in today’s world. So always keep in mind while installing security locks by an expert locksmith that you are getting a securable lock system. The question is not only to secure your loved ones, but you also have to save your investment from intruders. Do you need or want to replace locks with those that give you resistance from being compromised? Then call our company Willow Key Master for our top-quality service and assistance in Hoboken, NJ.

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Keypad Locks With A Top Security System For Your Home!

The keypad lock system is gaining popularity among other security locks because of its convenience and safety. In this system, you only need to enter your pin to lock and unlock your door. Besides this, it automatically locks your door when you leave, providing you with the best security.

The following benefits of this system are:

It Provides You With A Safety

The biggest advantage of using this security system is that it is a keyless system. So there will be no chance for intruders to come in by accessing your key as in other lock systems.

High Durability

It is long-lasting because it is easy to use by pressing a few touch buttons on a keypad. Other locks rely on a key to rotate in a cylinder while locking and unlocking a door.

Enhanced Safety For Your Children

Keypad electronic locks eliminate the requirement for kids to stay aware of house keys if they return home before you do. It is simple for a youngster to lose or lose a house key. With a keypad lock, your youngster requires their security code to enter on the keypad. The keypad also automatically locks behind your child, ensuring the child’s safety.

Easy Installation

This lock system is easier to install than other security locks requiring more time and tools.

Do you want this highly securable keypad system for upgrading your home safety? Contact our Willow Key Master company to get this service at an affordable rate.

Electric Door Locks – The Advanced Technology!

The electric door locks work using electric current. In this, there is the power to lock and unlock a door instead of a key. Electric locks work by attaching to the frame of a door and holding it shut when to energize with an electric current. Electric locks are sometimes stand-alone with an electronic control assembly mounted directly to the lock. Electronic locks are available in many different types. The main classification is the locking method, i.e. ( magnetic locks, electromagnetic, electromechanical, keyless entry door locks, or optical ). An electric strike can hold the bolt in the retracted position until an electric signal from the remote switch releases it and allows the door to open.

Electric door locks exhibit the following advantages:


Our company offers electric lock installation service for our customers. Do you need to replace or install a new electric door lock? Then choose our commercial locksmith in Hoboken, NJ, for your life and business safety. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

Combination Lock Makes Locking And Unlocking Easy!

A combination lock is a locking device that uses a series of numbers, letters, or symbols to open a lock and is one of the best of all security locks. The user must enter the correct combination to open the door. Either manually entering numbers on the keypad or using a remote control. Combination locks are beneficial when multiple users need to operate a single padlock. This lock works by using an algorithm to identify the numbers to open the door, so it’s easy to use and offers safety to commercial places. There is a lesser chance of lockout until the user is good at remembering the code.

There are many combination padlocks, i.e., dial combination padlocks, key-controlled dial combination padlocks, key-controlled scrolling combination padlocks, scrolling combination padlocks, and luggage padlocks. Combination locks use commonly for suitcases, cupboards, bicycles, office computers, doors, etc. If you want to install this easy and safe security lock system, it will be your right decision to choose our company. We are famous for the reliable locksmith services we have been providing for years. Contact us now.

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