In today’s world, safety and security are of utmost importance. Safe locks are one of the most reliable and effective ways to protect your valuables from theft and unauthorized access. Safe locks come in various types, such as combination, electronic, biometric, and keyless entry systems. Each type has unique features and benefits that make it suitable for different applications.

You need to hire a locksmith to open your safe in many cases. These are

If you find your safety lock in nonworking condition, i.e., it is not opening, or you have forgotten the password of your combination lock, call us now. Our Willow Key Master company locksmith safe opening near me has been expertise over the years to provide you with a fast and quality service. Our locksmith, safe opening near me, will reach your location with all the tools needed to open your safe locks.

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Break Your Safe Key In A Lock? What Should You Do?

Before you call our locksmith safe opening near me, you can attempt to retrieve the broken key yourself if it is stuck in the lock of your car or home. A broken key may typically be extracted in a short time. Here is a common method to remove it.

Use An Extracting Tool To Hook A Key

1.Spray Grease Into The Lock To Lubricate It

A silicone spray of your choice Since silicone is water resistant and helps the key slide out quickly.

2. Align The Cylinder

To access the cylinder’s inside, use needle nose pliers. Until the door is locked or opened, turn the cylinder.

3. Use Of Extracting Tool

The tiny hooks can typically grab the majority of important types and forms on extractor equipment.

4. Sliding The Extractor Tool

The tool should be pointed such that it slides into the key’s side groove.

5. Twisting And Pulling The Tool

Once the extractor tool is in the lock, tilt it just a little in the direction of the key. Push the tool’s handle end away from the lock while pulling it back. Try again and again until the tool’s hook catches one of the teeth, allowing you to pull the partial key free.

If you feel difficulty using an extracting tool then call our trained Willow Key Master locksmith safe opening near me in Hoboken, NJ now.

Lost Your Combination Lock? Secure Everything With Us!

The operation of a combination lock is similar to that of a lever mechanism. The tumblers’ slots allow a fence to retract when aligned, releasing the bolt so it can be opened. Many cases can happen with a combination lock

If you face any above situations, call a nearby professional locksmith. An expert will do the following steps to open your safe lock.


A locksmith cut into the safe with a saw or a torch. This procedure ruins the safe and is untidy, noisy, and slow.


The safe can be drilled with a tiny hole so the locksmith can slide a small tool inside and examine how to open the lock.


A locksmith safe opening near me drills a small hole in the safe and uses the hole to introduce a borescope to see how to open the lock. This is an efficient and reasonably priced technique to use when other security measures are provided, such as glass re-lockers or manipulation-proof mechanical locks.

If you want an affordable locksmith safe opening near me in Hoboken, NJ, then call us now.



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