Are you having problems with your lock? Are you missing the key to your main door? Do you have trouble opening or locking your safe? Would it be possible to upgrade or reset the lock of your safe?

It’s time to unlock happiness! Our mission is to make people happy by keeping them safe. Our locksmiths in  Hoboken, NJ, are available to solve any lock-related problem you may have. Willow Key Master will provide you with the security solutions you need, whether it is lock installation or lock repair and change door lock services.

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Professional Lock Replacement Services in Hoboken, NJ

You should not hire unprofessional commercial and residential locksmiths at your own risk. In the event that you need a home door locks replacement, we can assist you. To make your home a safe harbor, we hire the best key makers.

No matter if you have a wooden door lock or a metal door lock, we can repair and replace them all. Here are a few services that we provide.

How do We Work?

Ensure that you take care of the locks in your home. For a smooth experience, our locksmiths take care of the following things.

We offer a Wide Range of Lock Repair and Replacement services

Basic Door Lock Replacements and Repair!

You need to know a little more about the mechanism of your door lock to troubleshoot it. For easy-lock mechanism repair and replacement, you need to have a thorough understanding of the mechanism. Our services include the following:

Repairs and Replacements of Door Handle!

Those parts of the lock that easily wear off are the door handles and door knobs that provide gripping power to open or close the doors. There may be times when knobs become stuck and won’t turn or release.

●  Repairing the Lock Mechanism

In the event of a door lock malfunction, it is important to know which needs repair. Security levels differ depending on the type of door. Generally, the door to the house should provide the utmost security; therefore, it should be provided with a deadbolt and a lock. Safes, however, have to have locks that are relatively robust and unable to be manipulated like a combination lock. The lock experts at our company are experts in repairing and replacing all the different kinds of locks.

●  Aligning Doors and Locks

It is important that the locks and the door are aligned. When there is a gap beneath or above the door due to misalignment, the lock will not function properly. If that happens, it is necessary to change the lock from the current location where it is currently installed.

●  Lock Lubrication

By lubricating the door locks, the lock mechanisms will operate smoothly. To lubricate the moving parts of the lock system, you must remove the cover plates.

●  Mortise Repair

Mortise holes are where the lock gets lodged when it is struck. Frequently the strike assembly does not align with the bores in addition to cleaning the bores so that the lock can smoothly lodge into the mortises. Tightening the screws to enable precise alignment will solve the problem.

●  Lock Replacement

Many times, whether a lock needs to be replaced or if a simple repair will suffice will depend on how severe the damage is to the lock and how it will stand up to future wear and tear. Sometimes, a lock only requires replacing a particular component while the rest can be repaired.

Reliable and Affordable Services!

We provide high-quality, reliable, and affordable lock repair service that you will forget you ever had a security issue. Our services are also available in Jersey city at affordable rates, and these services are within the range of every client. You can contact Jersey city locksmith for all your locksmith issues.

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