A door lock repair service is to change the nonfunctional door locks into a working state. Locks need to be repaid on time before it gets costly for you to change them with a new lock. It is necessary to call an expert locksmith because the sooner you contact a locksmith near me it will be easier to repair. Are your door locks not in a good state and need repair? Contact our Willow Key Master company for our exceptional solutions. We repair damaged, rusty, frozen, commercial, residential, and automobile door locks in Hoboken, NJ.

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Electromagnetic Door Lock Repair Service!

It would help if you repaired the electromagnetic door locks in time before it brings the best chance for any thief to break in and catch your money. Many commercial security co-workers find their electromagnetic locks poorly and need to know what happens to them. The function of electromagnetic locks depends on the electromagnetic field that causes an electromagnet and armature plate to attract with each other strongly to keep a door closed. It makes commercial places safe and secure, but sometimes electromagnetic door locks need a repair service due to poor power supply or damaged electric hardware.

Expert locksmiths repair electromagnetic locks by fixing the door magnets and checking that it is working properly to produce a power supply. If you find any commercial electromagnetic lock in non-working condition, contact our company’s expert locksmiths for the best door lock installation and repair service in Hoboken, NJ.

Repairing A Mortise Lock!

Mortise locks can easily repair by examining their components like door knobs, levers, latch bolts, and push bar handles. Stiff mortise locks, loose mortise cylinders, broken, faulty levers, and many other issues can occur with your mortise locks. Stiff Mortise locks are a common problem that can also recover by cleaning the cylinder of the mortise lock and then applying the graphite powder in the lock that makes your key easily rotate in the lock. An expert locksmith can repair loose mortise cylinders by screwing the cylinder tightly, and it will make your key lock a door efficiently. Broken levers can be replaced by installing new ones instead of a whole door lock replacement.

Always check whether your mortise locks are in good functioning condition. If you face any problem with your mortise lock, call our expert locksmith for our door lock repair service. Our professional will check the parts of the mortise locks and offers you the best service according to the problem with your lock.

When Do You Need To Repair Door Locks?

In many conditions, you must hire a professional locksmith for door lock repair service. Some of these common are:

The Door Is Not Latching Properly

If the strike plate and latch are never aligned, your door will never latch properly, which is a common problem. You have to hire an expert locksmith as soon as possible. It is simple to repair as it just needs to screw the hinge and adjust the strike plate.

Frozen Locks

Locks can get frozen in winter or due to the accumulation of dust particles in the cylinder. Do you have frozen door locks? Then first try to make it function by yourself. All you need is to sprinkle graphite in the lock cylinder. After it tries to rotate a key into it, if this technique does not work, then it’s time to call a professional locksmith. An expert locksmith will assess your lock situation and offer you the best repair technique. A professional locksmith sometimes recommends a lock rekeying service if your cylinder is damaged.

A Broken Key Stuck In A Lock

A broken key in a lock is a common problem for which you are likely to hire a professional. Because doing it yourself requires a lot of tools, and it also further causes damage to your lock. So contact our Willow Key Master professional locksmith to do it carefully.

Repairing Damaged Residential Door Locks!

Many homeowners need help with minor problems with their home door locks. These problems include:

  1. Sticky and frozen locks
  2. Misalignment
  3. The key broke in the cylinder
  4. The key is not rotating
  5. Rusty locks etc.
  6. Suppose you have planned a trip with your family. On the day of your trip, you are ensuring the safety of your home by checking the locked doors. Unfortunately, you find your front door lock cylinder freely moving while rotating a key to lock a door. Are you getting late? Do not worry, and call our expert residential locksmith. Our expert at Willow Key Master will come to your location and quickly examine and tighten your loose cylinder screws and make you out of this situation to enjoy your journey with peace of mind.
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